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Boat on the Nile, Egypt (31°08’ N, 30°38’ E).Drying dates in a palm grove south of Cairo, Nile valley, Egypt (29°43’ N, 31°17’ E).The Unfinished Obelisk, Aswan, Egypt (24°01’ N, 32°58’ E).
 Wheat being bundled into sheaves by a fellah in the Nile valley, Egypt (30°49’ N, 30°28’ E).Boats blocked by Common Water Hyacinths on the Nile, Egypt (29°43’ N, 31°15’ E). Road interrupted by a sand dune, Nile Valley, Egypt (25°22’ N, 30°23’ E).
Outline of Birket Maraqi salt lake in the oasis of Siwa, Egypt (29°12’ N, 25°31’ E).Adrere Amellal  Ecolodge» hotel, Siwa oasis, Egypt (29°12’ N, 25°31’ E). Abu Simbel, Nile Valley, Egypt (22°22’ N, 31°38’ E).
 Modern graves in a cemetery at Asyut, Nile valley, Egypt (27°10’ N, 31°10’ E). Ruins of the medieval citadel of Shali in the town of Siwa, Egypt (29°12’ N, 25°31’ E). Islands at Siwa oasis, Egypt (29°12’ N, 25°31’ E).
Upturned date baskets, left bank of the Nile, Egypt (25°40’ N, 32°35’ E).Dovecotes at Mit Gahmur, Egypt (30°42’ N, 31°16’ E).Pyramid of Sesostris II in El-Lahun, South of Fayoum, Egypt (29°17’ N, 30°50’ E).
Fox on a pyramid of Cairo, Egypt (29°58’ N, 31°07’ E).Meidum Pyramid, Egypt (29°23’ N, 31°09’ E). Abou Simbel
 Necropolis, South El Minya, Egypt (28°05’ N, 30°45’ E).The Temple of Philae, Egypt (24°03’ N, 32°48’ E).Village of ragmen in Cairo, Egypt (30°02’ N, 31°12’ E).
Cairo Citadel, Cairo, Egypt (30°02’ N, 31°16’ E).Lake Moeris, Faiyum Oasis, Egypt (29°28’ N, 30°43’ E).City of Faiyum, Egypt (29°19’ N, 30°50’ E).
Beach in Alexandria, Egypt (31°06’ N, 29°43’ E).Lake Burullus, Nile Delta, Kafr el-Sheikh, Egypt (31°27 ’N, 30°46’ E).Salt evaporation ponds in d

Meidum Pyramid, Egypt (29°23’ N, 31°09’ E).

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