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 Wollman rink in Central Park, New York City, United States (40°45’ N, 74°00’ W). Flight of pelicans in Louisiana, United States (29°50’ N, 90°13’ W). Interchange between the 105 and 110 freeways, Los Angeles, United States (34°02’ N, 118°16’ W).
 The World Trade Center, New York, United States (40°42’ N, 74°00’ W).The Statue of Liberty, New York, United States (40°41’ N, 74°03’ W).Oilfields near Bakersfield, California, United States (35°27’ N, 119°43’ W).
B-52s at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base near Tucson, Arizona, United States (32°10’ N, 110°52’ W).  Arm of Lake Mead, Muddy Mountains, Nevada,United States (36°19’ N, 114°24’ W). Housing near Miami, Florida, United States (26°24’ N, 80°11’ W).
Herd of cows crossing Lake Kissimmee, Florida, United States (28°14San Andreas fault, Carrizo Plain, California, United States (35°08’ N, 119°40’ W). Aircraft graveyard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, near Tucson, Arizona, United States (32°11’ N, 110°53’ W).
 Spire of the Chrysler Building, New York,United States (40°45’ N, 73°59’ W). Tornado damage in Osceola County, Florida, United States (28°25’ N, 81°20’ W). Mouth of the Mississippi river, Louisiana, United States (29°36’ N, 89°49’ W).
Wind turbines of Banning Pass, near Palm Springs, California, United States (33°55’ N, 116°42’ W).Monument Valley Park, United States (37°05’ N, 110°20’ W).Tractor in a field near Bozeman, Montana, United States (45°40’ N, 111°02’ W).
Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone national park, Wyoming, United States (44°31’ N, 110°50’ W). The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers, New York, United States (40°43’ N, 74°01’ W).Marathon crossing the Verrazano Bridge, New York, United States (40°36’N, 74°03’ W).
Message beside the heliport, New York, United States (40°42’ N, 74°00’ W). Barringer Crater, Near Flagstaff, Northern Arizona, United States (35°02’ N, 111°01’ W). Wollman rink in Central Park, New York City, United States (40°45’ N, 74°00’ W).
Nevada Solar one, solar thermal power plant in Boulder City, south Las Vegas, Nevada, United States (35°48’ N, 114°58’ W).Henderson, Las Vegas suburb, Nevada, United States (35°60’ N, 115°05’ W). Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge under construction, near Boulder City, Nevada and Arizona, United States (36°01’ N, 114°44’ W).

Prescott National Forest near Williams, Arizona, United States (35°14’ N, 112°11’ W).

There is still snow on the ground in Prescott National Forest. And there are still trees there too. The latter would be absent if this had not been designated a protected area in 1898. Gold prospectors, who flooded to Arizona in the mid-nineteenth century, did not skimp on their wood consumption. To save the forests, the government was forced to designate nature reserves. The first were declared in 1891. Since then, more than 185 million acres (75 million ha) of the 558 million acres (226 million ha) of forests in the United States have been saved from illegal logging. They are not only attractive and an asset for tourism, they are also of ecological value. The preservation of species depends, first of all, upon the preservation of their habitats. Worldwide, 12 percent of the 9,553 million acres (3,866 million ha) of forest are protected. But deforestation continues: 494 million acres (200 million ha) have been lost over the last 15 years—equivalent to twice the area of South Africa or four times that of Spain.

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