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Flock of sheep near Colmar, Haut-Rhin, France (48°03’ N, 7°17’ E). Walled city of Neuf Brisach, Haut-Rhin, France (48°01’ N, 7°32’ E).Houseboat on Etang de la Galiotte in Carrières-sous-Poissy, Yvelines, France (48°57’ N, 2°03’ E).
Saint-Léger castle, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France (48°54’ N, 2°04’ E). Housing estate les Dents de Scie in Trappes, Yvelines, France (48°47’ N, 2°00’ E).Doe in the wild in the valley of Chevreuse, Yvelines, France (48°50’ N, 1°47’ E).
La punta di Rondinara, Corse-du-Sud, France (41°28’ N, 9°16’ E).Flooded restaurant next to Lux, France (46°44’ N,  4°53’ E). The Canal du Midi between Toulouse and the Étang de Thau, France (43°19’ N, 2°59’ E).
Semi-troglodyte houses of the Bout-du-Lieu at Cabrerets, Lot, France (44°31’ N, 1°39’ E).Tests and agronomic resercheas in the Beauce, France (48°23’ N, 02°01’ E).Writings in the sand on a beach of the Manche, France (49°06’ N, 1°37’ W).
Gardens of the Palace of Versailles, Yvelines, France (48°48’ N, 2°07’ E).Housing estate of la Noé at Chanteloup les Vignes, Yvelines, France (48°58’ N, 2°02’ E).The Red Porphyry of Cap Seninu, Gulf of Porto, Corsica, France (42°19’ N, 8°35’ E).
Building in the quarter of La Croix-Rousse at Lyon, Rhône, France (45°47’ N, 4°50’ E).Harvest in Finistère, Brittany, France (48°27’ N, 4°32’ W).Chains in the harbour of Brest., Finistère, France (48°23’ N,4°30’ W).
Restaurant between Lux and Saint Loup de Varennes, Saône-et-Loire, France (46°44’ N, 04°53’ E).Cherry tree blossom in Monts du Lyonnais, Rhône, France (45°47’ N, 4°33’ E).Ewes in the Causse (limestone plateau), Lozère, France (44°24’ N, 3°28’ E).
Tree plantation near Seix, Pyrenees, France (42°50’ N, 1°30’ E). ‘Carrelet’ fishing hut near Talmont, Charente-Maritime, France (45°33’ N, 0°57’ W).Poplars at Bennecourt, Yvelines, France (49°02’ N, 1°34’ E).
Ten thousand hearts for a Red Ribbon, Le Mans, Sarthe, France (47°60’ N, 0°10’ E). Gardens of Villandry castle, Indre-et-Loire, France (47°20’ N, 0°30’ E).Wooden roller coaster at the theme amusement park ‘Parc Astérix’, Oise, France (49°08’ N, 2°35’ E).

Ten thousand hearts for a Red Ribbon, Le Mans, Sarthe, France (47°60’ N, 0°10’ E).

At 5:15 p.m. on September 25, 2004, nearly 6,000 men, women, and children, all wearing red T-shirts, gathered in a field in the Arche de la Nature park near Le Mans to be photographed for a postcard. The “1er décembre Sarthe” collective, which coordinated the event, donates the funds raised to the Kénédougou Solidarité organization in Mali, which works toward the prevention of AIDS and provides care for AIDS sufferers. Today sub-Saharan Africa remains the principal venue for the epidemic; in 2007, it accounted for 72 percent of AIDS-related deaths and 67 percent of the global population infected. Throughout the world, many organizations have been founded to provide support to the sick. In six years, the number of people on antiretroviral drugs in developing countries grew tenfold, to reach 3 million people in late 2007. Since the beginning of the 1980s, HIV—the virus that causes AIDS—has killed more than 25 million people. In 2007 alone, 2.1 million people died of AIDS. More than 33 million people were living with AIDS in late 2007, including 2 million children under the age of fifteen. Though the annual number of new HIV infections among children around the world has dropped in the past few years, 370,000 children were believed to have been infected in 2007.

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