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Marrakesh carpet, Morocco (31°37Sebkhet Aridal near Cape Bojador, Western Sahara, Morocco (26°09Dyer
Dades Gorges, Morocco (31°26Fishing nets in the port of Agadir, Morocco (30°26Agricultural landscape between Al Massira Dam and Rabat, Morocco (32°33
Cows in a swampy river, region of Rabat, Morocco (33°57Working in the fields near Agadir, Morocco (30°26Salt marshes, Oualidia, Morocco  (32°47
Marshes, Knifis (north of Laayoune), Morocco (27°09Village in the Ourika valley, Morocco (30°44’ N, 6°33’ W).Village in the Rheris Valley, Er Rachidia region, High Atlas Mountains, Morocco (31°28
Plowing near Marrakech, Morocco (31°38’ N, 8°00’ W). Animal hides spread out in an abandoned cemetery, Fès region, Morocco (33°55Sugar cane fields, Gharb plain, Morocco (34°45’ N, 6°00’ W).
Boat under construction, Larache, Morocco (35°12Village and fields in the Rheris valley, Morocco (31°35’ N, 4°40’ W).Village in the Ourika valley, Morocco (30°44

Sugar cane fields, Gharb plain, Morocco (34°45’ N, 6°00’ W).

Nearly 125 million metric tons of cane or beet sugar are consumed in the world every year. In 2000, Morocco produced about 4 million metric tons, which makes it a small producer compared with giants such as Brazil, India, and China, but also the United States, France, and Germany. In some industrialized countries, the importance of sugar production to the economy leads them to protect their domestic markets by heavily taxing imports or subsidizing domestic producers. This protectionism tends to lower sugar prices, penalizing developing countries whose economies depend heavily on growing crops for export. A fall in sugar prices generally leads to lower earnings and worsened living and working conditions for workers. In certain countries, the average life expectancy of a sugarcane cutter is no more than thirty years.

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