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San Felipe del Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico (18°28’N, 66°07’W).Mar Chiquita beach, Manati, Puerto Rico (18°28’N, 66°29’W).Caguas, Puerto Rico (18°13’N, 66°00’W).
Baseball Players, Caguas, Puerto Rico (18°13’N, 66°02’W).Monkey Island, Humacao, Puerto Rico (18°09’N, 65°44’W).The Arecibo radio telescope, Puerto Rico (18°21’N, 66°45’W).
Caguas, Puerto Rico (18°13’N, 66°00’W).Playing in water, municipality of Cataño, San Juan, Puerto Rico (18°26’ N, 66°07’ W).World map on the Plaza Santiago R. Palmer (Earth From Above exhibition 2007), Caguas, Puerto Rico (18°13’N, 66°02’W).
Planisphere of the “Earth from Above” exhibition on Plaza Santiago R. Palmer in 2007, Caguas, Puerto Rico (18°13’ N, 66°02’ W).

The Arecibo radio telescope, Puerto Rico (18°21’N, 66°45’W).

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