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Kasbah of Algiers, Algeria (36°45’ N, 3°01’ E).Tuareg encampment near Djanet, Algeria (24°30’N, 9°30’E).The Hodna Mountains under snow, near El Hammadia, Algeria (35°55’ N, 4°47’ E).
Sandstone in Jabbaren, Tassili N’Ajjer, Algeria (24°28’N, 9°47’E).Grand Erg near Djanet, Algeria (24°26’N, 09°25’E)."Green dam", Hassi Bahbah, Algeria (35°04’N, 3°01’E).
Shanty town near Alger, alongside the Oued El Hamiz, Algeria (36°43’N, 3°14’E).Fields under cultivation in Aïn Touta region, Aures, Algeria (35°22’N, 5°52’E).Enclosed neolithic tomb, South of Djanet, Tassili n
Beni Isguen, M’Zab Valley, Algeria (32°29’N, 3°40’E).El Ateuf, M’Zab Valley, Algeria (32°27’ N, 3°44’ E).Irrigation near the El-Oued oasis, Algeria (33°22’N, 6°52’E).
Oued El Abiod valley, Algeria (35°05’N, 6°10’E).Potato harvest near Arba, Algeria (36°34’N, 3°08’E).Oasis of Timimoun, Algeria (34°02’N, 6°06’E).
Storks in the Bordj Omar Driss oasis, Algeria (28°09’ N, 6°51’ E).Oasis of Touggourt, Algeria (33°05’N, 06°05’E).Sand dunes after rain, near Djanet, Sahara, Algeria (24°23’N, 9°23’E).
School in Ghardaïa, Algeria (32°31’N, 3°37’E).Flight of pink flamingos, Ouargla (24°00’N, 8°00’E).Vegetation in the dunes, near El-Oued, Algeria (33°25’N, 6°57’E).
Teenagers among the hot springs of Hammam Meskoutine, Algeria (36°26’ N, 7°16’ E).Djemila, Kabylie, Algeria (36°19’N, 5°42’E).The Hodna Mountains under snow, near El Hammadia, Algeria (35°55’N, 4°47’E).
Sheraton beach « Club des pins » near Sidi Ferruch, Algeria (36°45’N, 2°52’E).

Oasis of Timimoun, Algeria (34°02’N, 6°06’E).

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